Kawaii Collection X Spirit Clash

Hi, i'm the Monolith.

Kawaii collection team is happy to announce the first official asset ERC-1155 (Enjin) redeemable for a special mug in collaboration with the "Spirit clash" team and "Cryptotipsfr".

The  asset design by "Voltriph" and the visual art by "K.Horatius"

"Spirit Clash" is a game developed by "Koltiro games".
Is a epic game  that using the enjin blockchain to manage  this cards in this spectacular trading game.

The Holders of  1 of this assets"Kawaii Collection FT, "Cryptotipsfr KingToken" and "Spirit Clash MFT"  if you buy this collectible you can choose the magic mug and a add a custom name.

With the funds raised Support the developers, and the distribution is:

-20%  Spirit Clash developer game.

-60%  Cost make the mug and shipping (only Europe,   other countries talk with support)

-20%  Reserve to Kawaii Collector to buy new machines   and  to make other things (t-shirts, brazalets, cups, etc).




Special thanks to the community, Spirit Clash team, Cryptotipsfr and beyondhorizon.io

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