Kawaii Collection X Cryptotipsfr Community (Collectibles 2.0)

Hi, i am The Monolith. In this post i will explain how works the idea of "Kawaii collection"

The principal idea is create a series of collectibles based in Enjin when one complete one collection we deliver a one magic mug about this collection with custom name, qr with a private key and inside collectibles and all the collectibles printed in vinyls.

In this moment only mugs and vinyls , soon bracelets, t-shirts and more.

I call this "collectibles 2.0", the collectible ERC-1155 created by Enjin only have one use for claim the mugs and other, the team have the hash id of all collectibles and control this.

The idea is grow and enter in official platforms Enjin to use reveal codes, actually the team talk with different platforms to create collections using your images. And have permissions in 3 platforms soon reveal ;)

following the idea of the other platforms the team decide mint the first collectible "Kawaii collection FT". The kawaii collection founder tokens give access to rewards, airdrops collections and differents benefits.

The supply of Kawaii collection FT is 1000 assets and the distribution:

- 400 locked for future sponsors

- 9 for Cryptotipsfr Bonus Token Hoders
- 100 for partners in different platforms enjin
- 100 Giveaways kawaii collection and Criptotipsfr
- 10 For holders K-On! - Mio Akiyama
- 381 to distribute

Special thanks to team BeyondHorizon for mint and the help.

Kawaii Collection soon  available in Enjin market and giveaway in various collaborating channels and twitter.

The funds raised will be used for buy more material, mint collectible, delivery mugs and more.

Actually the mugs delivery is only available for Europe waiting more partners.

For more information join the community channel.

Thank's for the support, stay connected.

Donations ERC-20 ERC-1155. 
Thank's !

The Monolith 

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