Since the beginning of the year I am happy to have a great community from all over the world !
Day after day the stats are better and the interest for the projects stronger.
I'm happy to be able to share good deals with you every day on the channel telegram
I prepare a lot of giveaway, new partnerships, new tokens.

I first wanted to thank's Coindreams (Josep in particular) for giving me the chance to list my events on his platform.
The tokens were distributed to a large crypto quality audience.

On the Cryptotipsfr community I guarantee a maximum of security.
Remember that almost all airdrop sites (Airdropalert,Kingairdrop,Airdropsrating..) share false information like false value, false/fake airdrop, airdrop shitcoin, scam projects…
On my channels I guarantee quality giveaway, airdrops and bounty.
Remember that quantity does not do quality.

If you lose 1 hour a day to complete airdrop which you are not sure of being able to sell them is not very good,and youre wasting your time.

All airdrop sites keep the benefits to themselves and share nothing to the members, no giveaway, no dividends, nothing.
They allow crypto projects to appear on their site by paying, it's not good

I created the Twitter account @Cryptoreport3 to avoid you wasting time with fake giveaway, fake airdrop, scam projects, scamers.

Since the beginning of the year I have created different test/project that works well.
The community token and the token bonus have been very successful and are now being traded at x20 of the starting price.

I am preparing a lot of giveaway and plans for this end of the year.

Auction channel re-opening soon !

I will soon post news about the community token.
There will be a swap, information soon.
The first giveaway of Thank’s Token is coming soon.

I worked at 99% alone, now I can have a strong and good team.
(The Monolith, AdminDistributor, AdminBotCreator, Admin Badger, Shivam and all the others members)
I am very happy to have been joined by some members very interested in my projects and in a better future.
I am very happy to collaborate with the monolith for these special mugs.
I thank all the admins who work on the Cryptotipsfr projects.

Thank's for the support and stay connected !

Hello community, i'm the Monolith.
We are happy watching the community grow day by day.
All the Cryptotipsfr Team hard work all months to make the community happy.
The admin and creator @Pepsicry invest a lot of time for making giveaways and raffles and helping the community to grow.
Probably the big community and platform (no official) of Enjin.

All team hard work to make Cryptotipsfr an official enjin platform.
This month have important news, actually Cryptotipsfr is in negotiations with different partners to launch new products.

Kawaii Collections Information

One new is the creation a platform call ^Kawaii Collections^.
The idea is create a different collections and when you have completed the collection you can earn a special mug (only Europe in this moment).
The team is talks with differents platforms in Enjin ecosystem. We test the idea and show in twitter. The idea is sell the collectibles to create mint more collectibles, mugs and make new ideas and giveaways to community.

Join The New Gleam Giveaway ! 


Stay connected for more information !


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