Cryptotipsfr Toast Token

Here is the new Mystery token !
Here is the Cryptotipsfr Toast Token ! 
This token can be won on Telegram Community Channel @Cryptotipschatfr or on Twitter @Cryptotipsfr.

This token will reward good action, jokes, good information, fidelity-support as well.
This token offers immunity against a dump of Enjin Coin in 2020.
Leonardo Dicaprio assembled with Cryptotipsfr will protect you from the future hurricane of the cryptocurrency market. Enjoy, and thank's Leo for your good movies.

Cryptotipsfr Toast Token Information
Supply : 100 Tokens
KingToken & Bonus Token Holders : 25 Tokens (Buy Now The King Token)
Only 4 Cryptotipsfr KingToken left at this price !
Distribution/Giveaway : 55 Tokens 
Reserve : 15 Tokens 
Locked : 5 Tokens 

Twitter Giveaway :

Gleam Giveaway : 


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