Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token, Cryptotipsfr Toast Token, and Kawaii X Cryptotipsfr Thank's Toast Token

If you hold these tokens you will be able to participate in exclusive giveaway/promotions.
Here is the usefulness of tokens.
The same utility for the 4 Tokens.
it will give you exclusive access to gleam giveaway.
You must hold one of these 4 tokens to participate in the future gleam giveaway
More Tokens = More chance 

  • Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token (Contract adress) 97 Tokens
  • Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token v2 (Contract adress) 100 Tokens
  • Cryptotipsfr Toast Token (Contract adress) 100 Tokens
  • Kawaii X Cryptotipsfr Thank's Toast Token (Contract adress soon) 100 Tokens
  • Total Supply : 397 Tokens
Kawaii X Cryptotipsfr Thank's Toast Token Information : 
Supply 100 Tokens 
50 Tokens : Cryptotipsfr KingToken and Bonus Holders
40 Tokens : Kawaii FT Holders 
10 Tokens : Reserve,Giveaway

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