Cryptotipsfr X Shuffle Token + Giveaway (ERC1155 TOKEN)

Shuffle Monster X Cryptotipsfr
What we know is that it belongs to the Shuffle Monster token, the token that burns 1% of all transfers and shuffles another 1% between the top 512 holders.
The token is being airdropped, so if you want to be in that top,
go to and claim yours for free.
Or you can buy soon Shuffle on Uniswap

To get this token, you have to join the airdrop and post your ETH adress on this tweet 
The first ones who will receive this ERC1155 token are those who already have shuffle token.
(You can claim the Shuffle Token for free, only ETH fees) 
This ERC 1155 token is a promotional token
I will distribute 90 items in giveaway, from Monday 12.08.2019 on Twitter.
You can now join Shuffle Token on Twitter.

Supply 100 Tokens
Supply for distribution : 90 
Reserved for the Cryptotipsfr Bonus Holders : 9 
Locked : 1 (Adress)

For more information join :
Claim airdrop :



  1. Go Go Gadget Catch m All !



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