Until August 30

1. Gleam (For september maybe)
2. Beyond Horizon OK
3. New logo (For september maybe)
4. Suffle token ERC1155 Distribution, Cryptotipsfr Community Token, Bonus Token Distribution

1. Premium gleam subscription for better marketing and better giveaway.
(I will propose a crowdfunding with items in return)
Prices are very expensive.
I will also be able to offer the member and partner to create their own Gleam Premium using my service.
If anyone has a better idea, platform, or if you think Givelab is better, give your opinion.

2. I will create a account on Beyond Horizon or rather use it,I will try to contact Beyond Horizon to create new items
3. A designer will create a new logo for the channel.
I will probably make a twitter vote to choose the best logo.
4. Cryptotipsfr Monthly Distribution + Token Suffle Giveaway Distribution
Not much activity for the end of August but September will be more active :)

(will be updated with more details)

September 10 to 24 Cryptotipsfr Holidays 
I will not be much present, maybe once every 2 days for emails.
If you ever have an urgent request write here :

From September 18th

1. Re-opening : Cryptotipsfr Auction Channel !
2. Twitter Report Account Promotion
3. Information about the Cryptotipsfr Lottery Token (OK)
4.Information about the Cryptotipsfr Enjin fees Dividends Token
5. First Giveaway for Thank's Token holders 
6. Discussion to add more supply to the community token,
7. Find more partnership like Shuffle Token (OK)
8. Maybe a new item.(OK)
9. Weekly giveaway with a specific day every week until 2020 (Program OK)
10. Recruitment of new partner, developer, website update

Tokens information
Q2 Statment
For more information join the community channel.


  1. Go Go Gadget Greece!



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