Ultra-Tokinex Token Sale + Bounty

What is Tokinex? 
Tokinex allows qualified users to discover and participate in carefully curated, pre-vetted token sales from new and exciting projects in the crypto space.
Access to pre-vetted token projects on transparent and equitable terms.
Ability to contribute the assets they already hold directly from their own exchange wallets and to receive the tokens back into that same wallet, ready for frictionless secondary market trading.
Complete confidence that their identity data is secure; Tokinex uses the Blockpass KYC service and does not store personal data after the token sale ends
Assurance that all projects go through several layers of technical and commercial due diligence from one of the industry’s most successful exchange teams

Comprehensive research reports provided by independent third parties.

What is Ultra?

Ultra is a protocol and platform positioned to disrupt the $140bn USD gaming industry using blockchain technology to allow anyone to build and operate their own game 

Ways to Participate

(Ratio of UOS token to valid Gleam entry = 1:10)

5 UOS tokens (50 entries) will be the minimum requirement for the bounty token reward distribution.

Each user can receive maximum 30 UOS Tokens (300 entries)

[Exclude Blog & Video, and KYC verify tasks]

We will only distribute UOS to Tokinex or Bitfinex ERC-20 address if you don’t have one please sign up your account on our website.

(Excluding Cuba, Candada, Pakistan, North Korea (DPKR), Iran, Syria, Ukraine (Crimea), USA, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Sri Lanka ,Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Venuzela, Yemen Customers)


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