Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token


This token is available to the most loyal members.

To win this token you just have to participate in the Telegram group, on Twitter, instagram, or if you comment on
If you hold this token you will be able to participate in exclusive promotions.

Supply: 100 Tokens
Locked: 5 Tokens (Adress)
For Cryptotipsfr Bonus holders: 10 Tokens
Cryptotipsfr Team : 10 Tokens
Community : 75 Tokens
For the other token the projects are still in progress, a little late.
The news will arrive soon.

Thank you for your support, for some since already a moment.
This community is a big family for me, we all share the same commonality with a positivity and friendship.
Reuniting friendly, honest people with a common point makes it possible to move forward, relying on the support of members is paramount.
I thank all the active members from the beginning who believe in the Cryptotipsfr project and who contribute to its expansion.

Stay connected, the union is strength.
Honesty and perseverance will make good future.
For more information join the community channel
Thank's for the support !


  1. Ohhhh, yeah..I wish!!... heheheee, well done , bro ! :)

  2. Very cool addition, looking forward to what will be done with this token. As well as what other tokens will be implemented in the future.

  3. terima kasih Cryptotipsfr... ����������

  4. You guys are doing a great job for the community very much appreciated!

  5. I have never won in youre giveaway but fine legend never surender XD


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