Since the beginning of the year the Cryptotipsfr channel's works better and better.
I work 99% alone and my first goal and to inform about crypto, avoid scams, gain financial freedom afterwards, and select for you and promote the best projects in the Crypto market.

The channels have good statistics and a good weekly activity.

The channel was created less than a year ago.
The website this year and all the items this year too!
This year 5 ERC1155 token came out
3 are already working very well, and 2 tokens are still in updated.
(Community Token and Bonus Token, Thank's Token)

The Lottery Token and the Token Enjin Fees Dividends are pending for now.
And the Thank's token are available to the distribution for the most loyal members on the telegram channel.

The project will resume in September or less.
I need to refocus on the supply, financing and promotion of projects.
I am also thinking of increasing the supply of the cryptotipsfr community token.

The first wave of loyal members begin to take hold.
Like any wave I have seen a wave of opportunist who join only to win and leave a week later, it does not matter, the best are to stay and understand the utility.
For the latest projects i recruited loyal members for the auction channel.
I am very satisfied with the application of the members.
But for now I still have to prepare a better marketing to promote the auction channel.

I promise you lots of new projects over the months and I thank you for your support since the beginning.

And do not forget, the quantity does not make quality.
By joining my channels for airdrop you have a guarantee of quality.
Everyday many airdrop are posted but 50% is fake, scam or shitcoin.
It is a lot of time lost to complete the airdrop, to resell it
(if one day it comes on an exchange)
Send it, sell it for $ 2 and note that the withdrawal fee is $ 2: P
Soon I will add new tools to not get lost in the distribution of airdrop, bounty.
Estimated date of arrival, planned exchange, ico, information,price...
I will also add an active giveaway section.

Quality before all.
For more information join the Cryptotipsfr Community channel

Post your Enjin ETH address on this post and win 5 X 1 Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token.
Distribution 25.07.2019 (Random draw)

Winners adress :
Exceptionally everyone who comments on the statement wins 1 X Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token each !
And additional giveaway on twitter, like and retweet this tweet.
Look below.
(5 X 1 Cryptotipsfr Thank's Token) 
Distribution 25.07.2019(Ended)
Thank's for the support, stay connected ! 



  1. 0x978F6cE79D2b95ebc810b25C06F1616230D45057

  2. 0xdaa0f636d3a1D70d9493d0c8Ea71FD45C54e4092

  3. 0x1947d9cfd6Ae6FDc55298A5f40DE93d73ea06E85

  4. 0x2CA6aB642185bc49870bc81a609E1Ed65Feb496e

  5. 0x77b95Ac2de1D21E0C8a9a7a071B0ed17ef675755

  6. 0xddDD1C5A7162D38e49E86e1Fd6B436582b9b02E2

  7. Woohoo! Love it!


  8. 0x58b9427D59a6E0D23cA7bb36fc7d55BE7D915922

  9. 0x059675448C2Ad826A08a89134837E339632E8C48

  10. 0x7A15a44c3Ca3e0Be079DC918992Bb3124c5cC0F8

  11. 0x7075f3b9C1c9fB099D000Ebb7676B1A972c2348E

  12. 0xcE4C36aE85287e54297B64d6630860A2dca29eEC

  13. 0x769a4f9570f9342FF1C224A325d0aD1698635E6e

  14. 0x23BF07F387c643c01DA2d14e75313DB134fD5540

  15. 0x7CA271Ee2471982F3463e3040bdAf075900e374F


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