Cryptotipsfr Community Token, July Distribution (Distribution № 4)

Cryptotipsfr Community token distriubtion, July dividends 

July 2019
Winners : List
The dividends will be sent before August 5

Cryptotipsfr Bonus Token 

The distribution for the bonus holders will not be on the list (only 9 holders)
This month you have the choice.
A physical gift, various products from Switzerland sent by post office or 40 ENJ each
(only for bonus holders)

The owners of the Cryptotipsfr Bonus Token 

I invite you to send me your choice for this month and your adrese ETH.
Send me an email with your choice before the 10th of August.
Shipments for Enjin before the 10th of August
Shipments for the postal gift before the 20th August 20., Subject Bonus Holders


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