Telegram is taking crypto mainstream. You can be a part of it.

You've probably heard: Liquid will be the exclusive host of the first public sale of Telegram’s Gram tokens on July 10. 
Need to convince someone about the potential of Gram?
Here’s our elevator pitch
Telegram has a huge, global community, with more than 200 million active users. 
Those people now have a clear path to embracing cryptocurrencies.
At the heart of the Telegram ecosystem is the Gram token. 

A game-changing crypto wallet is about to put crypto in the hands of a new wave of highly engaged consumers. 

What is Gram?

The Gram token is the native utility token of TON and it is denoted by the TON triangular symbol. Gram will serve as the principal cryptocurrency for the in-app economy on Telegram and will also be available for external use. Until now, the only way to buy Gram tokens has been through private sale rounds, which were not open to the public. The Gram Token Sale on Liquid will be the first opportunity for the general public to buy Gram tokens. We anticipate Gram becoming one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, as well as potentially the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency with the coming launch of TON to Telegram’s 200 million active users.

What are the dates of the sale?
You will be able to buy Gram tokens starting from July 10th 2019, 8am UTC, until an end date to be announced at a later time. Sales will be completed when Grams are delivered in accordance with the delivery schedule.

What is the purchase price of the tokens?
Details to be released one week before sale begins.

Sale Phase 

Start Date : July 10th 2019, 8am UTC
Funding Currencies : USDC, USD
Token Launch : Estimated October 31st, 2019
Token Type : Utility token
Token Delivery : Following the TON launch, Gram tokens from this sale phase will be delivered in four equal-sized tranches over an 18-month period as illustrated below.
QASH Holder Rebate : QASH holders will be entitled to QASH rebates off the token purchase price. More details will be released prior to the sale start date.

You can earn 10 USDe of Gram tokens (up to 50 USDe) by referring your friends to Liquid to take part in the Gram Token Sale. 

You must have a verified Liquid account where your government ID, selfie and proof of address has been approved to participate in this referral campaign.

Sign up for a Liquid account.
Verify their account.
Buy at least 100 USDe (value coming soon) in the Gram Token Sale. 
Start earning Gram tokens today.
More information about Gram here

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