Cardano ADA faucet (Low value)

ADA Faucet has been established and officially launched in February 2018.
Claim every hour
Instantly withdraw
Minimum withdraw amount is 1 ADA.


You can withdraw your ADA on a compatible mobile wallet.
I recommend Atomic Wallet 
IOS (Beta version)

Use my code on AtomicWallet for a Bonus XKFW8
If you hold 0.1 ETH and more you receive Atomic Wallet coin (AWC) in airdrop.
My selection : Bitcoin Cash Android App Faucet Spinner
Pay every Tuesday
I use it for a long time and it's my favorite.

It's not big winnings but it takes you 1 minute every day.
Many people find the faucet useless but how can you say that when 3 years ago I earn 2000+ satoshi per hour ?
Keep perseverant,crypto is the future.
Thank you to the members for sharing.
For more information join the community channel.


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