Cryptotipsfr Enjin fees dividends

New Cryptotipsfr token item

To celebrate the launch of the Cryptotipsauction channel, Cryptotipsfr decided to create a utility item for the auction channel.

Support my project, learn the article on Publish0x and tip me :)

This token offers ENJIN dividends to 10 people every month, random draw every month.

The distribution will be made like this :

You do not need to do anything, just check Cryptotipsfr every end of the month to see the % dividends of the month.
The price should increase with time and the item is only available in limited quantities.

Every month 10 random winners earn ENJ dividends with the auction channel fees escrow system.

More information coming soon about how much ENJ ? %

Cryptotipsfr Enjin Fees dividends
Supply: 100 x items
Locked Forever : 25 x items
Melt : 10 x items melted

24 items for Cryptotipsfr bonus holders 8 x 3 items (1 x each week for June)
Max 11 items for the Cryptotipsauction team
(5 already distributed)

9 Only for sale,auction.
7 for giveaway all the month of june.

Token link info

25 x locked (Adress)
24 x for bonus item holders 
15 x for distribution
7 x for Giveaway
11 x for Cryptotipsauction admin
8 x for Auction (already 6 sales)
10 x Melted 

Result every month here


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