Quarkchain Bounty Round 2

Quarkchain (2,000,000 QKC Bounty) Round 2

QuarkChain: A flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure using blockchain sharding technology.
Comprehensive Ecosystem in Multi-fields
QuarkChain: have more than 50 high quality projects in the eco-family, including Data & Information System, Industrial Services, Financial Services, DApps & Platforms, Entertainment & Gaming, and many other types of partners.

QKC is listed on exchanges and can be found on coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/quarkchain/


Follow the following procedures to participate in 2,000,000 QKC Bounty second round.

Only registered users on the QuarkChain Bounty Program official website can participate.

You need to download qPocket on https://qpocket.io/

 Create a wallet followed by instructions and go to “Settings” in the app, click on “redeem code” Copy the redeem code and submit in the bounty, you will get 1,000 points

If you already participated in First Round QuarkChain Bounty before, Please go to (https://qbounty.quarkchain.io/migrate) to register this new QuarkChain Bounty program.

They will migrate your earned QKC there.
All bounty program participants are required to join QuarkChain’s Telegram group in order to receive bounty reward.

Participants need to use telephone number and email address to register on the QuarkChain official website.

Daily bonus claim, you will receive points for checking in everyday.
Daily easy social tasks.

All rewards will be calculated after the bounty program has been completed.
 The rewards will be distributed after the QuarkChain mainnet launch and token swap event.
Invite friends to register bounty campaign and receive 200 points, friends MUST download qPocket in order to be considered as qualified referees and finish registration on the official website.

You can buy QKC on Binance and Kucoin

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