Cryptotipsfr Bonus Token and Cryptotipsfr Community token information

Why and how ?
The cryptotips community has effective communication channels with many people and grows day by day.
Many airdrop have ref program and others bonus.
That's why I get more money and I distribute it again.

Why join Cryptotipsfr and not another airdrop site?
Here you will find only safe, profitable and with a follow-up links, post as quickly as possible with post every day in the telegram channel.
The community is very active and friendly.
In addition to that you have the chance to get dividends every month.

No other airdrop site shares gains !
I'm very activ everyday, i help some users.
The distribution of the bonus token ends at the end of the month, to win one you must join the various promotions, giveaway this month !

Cryptotipsfr Bonus Token

This token serves you to get a ROI on my airdrop each month, as dividendes, forever !
Only 9 items available for distribution. 
This item is the supreme item of Cryptotipsfr Community.

  Bonus token asset adress : Link
Cryptotipsfr Community token 

For the community item, 32 holders will receive a dividend every month with a random draw among the holders ! 
You do not need to do anything, just hold.
The results, earnings are posted every end of the month on the blog and on social networks.
 If the group members increase I will prepare another item in the future.
The community token has already been fully distributed, you can get it on the various item exchange market on telegram like :
or in

Winners list every month ! Stay connected

Community token asset adress : link
More information Join the commmunity


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