Social Mining

Mithril Mining is an all-new mining concept that Mithril has created with the intention to reward everyone involved in Mithril Ecosystem. Social mining is the primary focus of Mithril, which rewards all content creators. Users would be able to acquire MITH through producing and uploading contents as well as interacting with other users on platforms that supports social mining.'PiePie' is the first-ever platform that supports social mining. Other social mining platforms are currently under discussion and development. We will soon be able to share some great news with everyone.

PiePie is the first strategic social network partner for MITH.It is a platform where you can upload stories in the form of short films, photos, or videos, share your life with family and friends while your creativity shines through! MITH are distributed according to content quality and interaction, thus realizing the concept of reward of 'creativity value'. Download PiePie and start social mining now!

Earn cryptocurrency
When you share videos on PiePie, you will automatically earn MITHRIL, a cryptocurrency that PiePie work with. Simple and easy! 
Discover the topics you like
Gourmet, Unboxing, Animals and more, watch fun videos on PiePie and having a good time with us.

Download PiePie and join us! Remember, sharing is love!



Asset Management

In addition to using MITH in various scenarios, Mithril also provides convenient ways for owners to manage their asset effortlessly. Through VAULT, user can exchange MITH to other tokens with one click; or withdraw MITH and exchange to other forms of asset at other exchanges.


In the Mithril Ecosystem, Mithril tokens that you've acquired through mining can be withdrawn or shifted to other cryptocurrencies. Further application will be available soon. VAULT is the all dimensional vault for you to manage Mithril tokens and other digital assets.




More info : Mithril website

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