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This website will remain active, it will be used to promote quality giveaway and airdrop, bounty (ONLY)
The website will be used to explain current projects, statement, news... The new website will have a more modern design, more easy to use and navigate through. Stay connected !


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Cryptotipsfr Art contest explanation

Cryptotipsfr Art contest project
Token explanation

All the Cryptotipsfr Art Token are made by the cryptotipsArt community on telegram and twitter.It’s on those platforms that the community will be linked into the vote and will see how the contest is progressing. The contest is not only aiming for professional artist or designer. If they want to participate it’s up to them, but everyone can do Art. We hope that a lot of people around the globe will share their perception of art with us.

The Art contest is open to anyone who wants to participate. We don’t only search artist who are professionals. If you want to share your drawing or anything that you made, please do. As long as it is in the rules, the Art will be approved for voting. We hope that we can help artist to promote their art and give them a goal to achieve. There is no particular theme to follow for the Art#1. You just need to add the E of enjin, big or not.


-Date of the Art contest until art master.

-Full supply of all ar…